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Building a successful business is an equal combination of offering a great product or service and having the right team to deliver it. Advanced Pro Technologies can partner with your organization in all facets of your business operations. Our assessments will help you identify the right candidates and can be essential to your entire talent development process. Building a culture of sustained excellence means creating a high-performance team that meets the strategic and operational needs of the business.

Advanced Pro Technologies provides a wealth of training experiences for entry level team members through senior leadership. Our workshops and seminars are led by highly skilled executives with proven track records of building organizations in the public and private sector and in higher education. In addition to one-on-one executive coaching services, Advanced Pro Technologies offers the following workshops and seminars to meet your organizations needs.

Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop®

The only training program in the world specifically engineered to help overcome career-limiting emotions due to sales call reluctance®.

Used by sales-driven organizations worldwide to manage sales call reluctance in new hires and veteran salespeople alike

Combines accurate diagnosis with field-tested corrective techniques

Not just another fluffy motivational seminar, The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® is designed to produce measurable, verifiable increases in sales prospecting behavior.


  • Includes pre-workshop assessment with SPQ* GOLD®: The Sales Call Reluctance® Scale
  • Explains the difference between authentic sales call reluctance, sales-impairing call reluctance, impostors, and hollow cliches like “the fear of rejection”
  • Innovative instructional design maximizes attention and retention (one study showed 80% retention of concepts taught after 18 months)
  • Content focuses on changing behavior rather than altering personality, principles or values
  • Designed to complement skill-based training programs by helping to increase comfort with getting in front of prospective customers, where selling takes place
  • All participants receive copies of Dudley & Goodson’s The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance and their own SPQ*GOLD® results
  • Personal Prescription Profiles™ and Renewal & Reinforcement Meetings™ guide and monitor post-workshop prospecting activity
  • Taught only by BSRP-accredited instructors
Recruiting Performance Workshop®
  • Recruiting Version of the Fear Free Prospecting Workshop. A 1-½ day workshop plus manager led follow ups and group conference calls.
  • For General Agents and anyone responsible for Recruiting.
StyleLogix® Workshop

What’s fun, practical and easy to teach? It’s Behavioral Sciences’ new one-day action workshop. And here’s your chance to become an accredited instructor/facilitator. StyleLogix introduces salespeople to all six effective presentational themes and shows why a true adaptive selling approach can mean more effective presentations and more closed sales.


StyleLogix is not this year’s fad du jour. It’s a totally updated version of Behavioral Sciences’ original analyses of how salespeople actually present products and services completed in the 1970’s. Their factor analysis (a complex statistical procedure) of actual selling behaviors identified six distinct presentational themes, not four, or two or one. The six-factor solution is even more relevant today as margins shrink and competitive pressures increase.

Each style has its own signature strengths, and its own inherent weakness. Selling is knowing when to use which style. Used in conjunction with the Selling Styles Profile Analysis.


  • Your own licensed copy of Behavioral Sciences’ sure-fire “Style Intersection Matrix for Buyers and Sellers” (SIMBAS guide). It’s an exhaustive catalogue for instructors to help salespeople identify key buyer orientations so they can adapt their selling behaviors. Simply put, SIMBAS is the “what to do and what not to do” you’ve been waiting for!
  • Your own Selling Style Profile Analysis so you can see how you tend to sell and how you could sell better.
  • Instructor’s Guide detailing everything you need to know to successfully introduce salespeople to this exciting content.
  • Hints to help you effectively teach what you know.
  • Tips to insure successful applied exercise experiences for your participants.
  • All the exercises and instructional supports you need to actually run a workshop for 12 people.
  • Mastery accreditation to teach StyleLogix™ to salespeople and to train others to facilitate the workshop as well.
Managing Goal Achievement® Workshop
  • Paradigms – What they are and how they affect our thinking; Understanding our own mental paradigm; Expanding our own mental paradigm; Learn to recognize barriers to personal growth;
  • Clarify one’s own personal, family, and business goals. Personal development program disguised as a goal setting process; A deep dive into getting in touch with a person’s life purpose; Train the Trainer encouraged to facilitate follow ups; 8 hours plus 8 weekly 1-½ hours follow ups
  • For general agents, agents, managers, and staff
Integrity Selling® Workshop
  • Personal growth process disguised as a simple sales training program; Defines selling as identifying needs and creating value by uncovering, clarifying, and solving problems for clients and prospects; Includes bringing one’s view of selling, abilities, values, commitment to activity, and belief in the product into congruence; Includes 6 step selling model Train the trainer program encouraged to facilitate the follow ups; 8 hrs plus 8 weekly 1-½ hours follow ups
  • All sales people and managers
Integrity Coaching® Workshop (one-two days for leaders and managers)
  • Increase competence, confidence and commitments to coaching
  • Gain awareness of leadership style through self-assessment
  • Implement a goal achievement system with their people
  • Learn how to strike a balance between goal direction and sensitivity to people
  • Understand the different Behavior Styles of People in order to increase coaching effectiveness
  • Increase their ability to diagnose areas of needed improvement, ask effective questions, guide discussions and coach specific actions for improving performance
  • Build the self-confidence of their team to achieve more than they believe they are capable of achieving
Value Based Prospecting Workshop

Used after the Fear Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop. For Business to Business prospecting; Participants learn a process to start with the CEO to get “refer downs”. Dramatically increases appointments with decision makers.

Integrity Service® Workshop
  • Participants develop the appropriate values, skills and behaviors necessary for a customer focused organization with the goal being to affect behavior change not just teach skills. Recognizes internal and external customers; excellent team building process; 4 hrs plus 8 weekly follow ups; Train the Trainer encouraged to facilitate the follow ups.
  • For All personnel
Integrity Selling For Service Professionals® Workshop
  • Similar to Integrity Selling but geared for customer service personnel; 6-8 hours plus 8 weekly follow ups; Train the Trainer encouraged to facilitate the follow ups;
  • For Service Professionals