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Behaviors and Personalities: Assessing Competency in High Performance Teams

Speak to the difference between scientific based behavioral assessments vs personality tests/ Why does this matter for companies? What is the impact on a team and why does the behavior assessments drive better results?

Questions to consider:
1. What do you want to measure with the assessment?
2. Specifically, what do you want the assessment to tell you?


The Behaviors of Successful Companies

by Jim D. Potter

If you ask most leaders of companies today what their most valuable asset is, they will tell you it is their people. I propose that having people as your most valuable asset is the desired result of your Management System, philosophy, and culture. Thus, your most important asset is your Management System. All businesses are economic entities that must make...

Advanced Pro Technologies offers you science-based solutions to turning negatives into positives within your sales team. Our scientifically-proven assessment evaluates 16 factors and provides a comprehensive analysis of your team.

Training Workshops
The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® has been fully validated by pre-post tests and other research designs. It is the only program of its type and has consistently been rated by sales professionals in many...

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