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Behaviors and Personalities: Assessing Competency in High Performance Teams

Speak to the difference between scientific based behavioral assessments vs personality tests/ Why does this matter for companies? What is the impact on a team and why does the behavior assessments drive better results?

Questions to consider:
1. What do you want to measure with the assessment?
2. Specifically, what do you want the assessment to tell you?

Many assessments are adjective based self-assessments. For example, pick the best word(s) that describes you or how others would describe you. They will do a good job of describing what kind of candidates they ARE. The question then is, so what?

Most manages want to know what a candidate will DO and not just what kind of person they ARE.

The SPQ FSA tells what the person will DO which is one of its unique features. Some profiles claim to measure Sales Call Reluctance and maybe they do. But which type do they measure? The SPQ FSA is unique on the planet in that it measures all known types of Sales Call Reluctance. That is important to hiring managers because some types are moot in certain markets. Some types are very cost effective to correct. Others are more difficult to correct. The method to correct one type could aggravate another type. Much like a patient would want a correct diagnosis before being prescribed medicine companies need a correct diagnosis before hiring and attempting to treat Sales Call Reluctance with inadequate information. Most people would rather have Proton Therapy on a cancer cell rather than
subject the whole body to radiation. It is a similar concept.

SPQ FSA is a very targeted profile as opposed to personality assessments. Think spat versus zing.

Taking the SPQ FSA is akin to sitting down with a trained behavior scientist and allowing them to ask the candidate 249 questions, record the results, process them through many algorithms and present the results in in understandable manner.