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Build a Better Sales Team

  • Identify Top Performers
  • Improve Prospecting Habits and Attitudes
  • Impact Your Bottom Line and Reduce Turnover
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Avoid the Pain and Cost of Hiring Mistakes

Have you found it difficult to find and keep quality salespeople?

Are each of your salespeople consistently meeting quota?

Advanced Pro Technologies provides online assessments and training workshops to help you make more informed decisions about how to hire, lead, and manage your sales team.

Online Assessments

Predict an applicant’s temperament and future sales success through scientifically backed assessment tools.


Create a high-performance culture through online and in-person workshops designed to help develop, motivate, and empower employees.

What Customers Are Saying

We absolutely love it and use it not only for internal team members to learn how to manage better, but also for every person we are looking to hire. We have used hundreds of the assessments so far and they have been very advantageous. I would have saved at least 3 bad hires if I had started using this assessment earlier. We even flew their team in to train our sales reps on how to use their assessment and overcome their weaknesses to sell better.

Robert J. Whitman

Chief Executive Officer, Forward Science | Houston, TX

Knowing what behavioral traits work best in your sales environment is the key to building a winning team.